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iRadar 150

Award-winning real-time location alert warning system

By Cobra Electronics | in Gear + Gadgets


Welcome to the future of Radar Detection. Cobra iRadar combines industry leading radar/laser detection technology with the power of your smartphone. Connect to iRadar using your phone's Bluetooth® connection to view-and-share radar alerts, flag Live Police areas, and be warned of upcoming speed and red-light cameras. Check out the Cobra iRadar iPhone app HERE!


The folks at Cobra are thoughtfully innovative in ways we're grateful for. If the awards aren't enough to convince you, their attention to detail is what we want to highlight. They work hard to provide the kind of features and compatibility that are designed to save you time and money, and to help you see into your future with the Cobra community giving you a heads-up on what dangers (of ALL types) you might be approaching while driving. By far one of the coolest things about the iRadar is the integrated crowd-sourced reports from other iRadar users. It takes the entire concept to a whole new level. Radar detectors of the past were pretty noisy, especially if you live in Los Angeles, and configuring it to stop all the noise can be pretty frustrating. The ability to control the iRadar from your iOS or Android device is a huge improvement. Not only is it easier to configure the settings, but it’s also easier to understand what the settings do.


  • *Community-based detection:* When used in conjunction with the Cobra iRadar app the iRAD 150 allows users to automatically share radar and laser alerts with other iRadar users in real time. This means that iRadar provides advanced warning of speed enforcement based on timely data from other users. iRadar’s expansive user-community its most major differentiator in the market. iRadar has been on the market since 2010 and averages 1.1 million user-reports per month. With more detectors on the road and more active users on the app, the iRadar community provides the most accurate and timely threat information on the market.
  • *Report button* allows users to manually report locations of Live Police, Photo Enforcement Areas, and Caution Areas to other iRadar users.
  • *360-degree detection* of all known speed measurement devices including X, K, and Ka-Band Radar, Laser, LIDAR, and radar detector detectors.
  • *Includes free access to AURA*, which alerts as you are approaching speed and red-light cameras from Cobra’s verified database.
  • *City/Highway mode* to maximize detection sensitivity on the open road and reduce false alerts in the city.
  • Utilizes your smart phone’s display for *the industry’s most intuitive and informative user-interface*, including a tutorial and feature descriptions for customized setup.
  • *Follow-Me Mode:* A new rotating map and automatic zoom based on vehicle speed allows iRadar to show more of the road ahead of you. This greatly improves your driving experience by allowing you to see alert locations well before you get to them.
  • *Simple Navigation:* Enter an address and iRadar will plot the best route to your destination on the map. This is a great supplement to, or even replacement for, running a separate navigation app.
  • *Live Traffic Information:* Real-time traffic information is now shown directly on the map so that you can avoid congested areas and hit the open road.
  • *Map Controls:* Now you can zoom, pan, tilt, and rotate the map to your heart’s content.
  • *Macro View:*Alert icons are now shown on the map even when you zoom far out. This allows you to see where iRadar alerts are concentrated or spot isolated alert locations on long stretches of road.


  • 2011, 2012, 2013 International CES Design and Engineering Innovation Award
  • Mac|Life's Most Innovative Product, CES 2011
  • 2011 CES Innovations Award Winner
  • 2011 Chicago Innovation Award Finalist
  • 2010 SEMA Best New Product – Runner Up
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Cobra Tag

High-tech loss-prevention system

By Cobra Electronics | in Gear + Gadgets


Misplacing smartphones, keys, laptops and other essentials is inevitable. The Cobra Tag and app uses a 2-way communication and separation alarm to link your essentials and your smartphone – ensuring you never leave your valuables behind.


What’s really cool about the Cobra Tag is 2-way tracking. If you lose your keys, it stands to reason you could lose your phone, right? Most of us have experienced both, but rarely at the same time. We’re also big fans of the feature that locks your phone once it’s out of range, which is much more secure for your personal data than a timed auto-lock in the event it is stolen. Even if you’re not worried about your keys or don’t need all the features it comes with, the Cobra Tag could be pretty useful while traveling with a laptop or something else that’s a theft risk. We like its versatility a lot.


  • Cobra Tag uses Bluetooth wireless technology to create a two-way separation alarm between your smartphone and your valuables. When that connection is broken, both your phone and the Cobra Tag device on your essential start ringing to let you know something is being left behind.
  • In addition to receiving an audible alert, the Cobra Tag app can send a map link to the location where you lost your phone or other belongings.
  • The Cobra Tag is also a 2 way finder. Tap the button on the Cobra Tag tag to ring your Smartphone. If you are looking for your Cobra Tag protected item, use the phone’s application to make the Cobra Tag ring.
  • Up to 7 day battery life, rechargeable via micro USB.
  • Additional setting to lock phone when out of range of the device.


  • Works with phones running iOS 5.0, Blackberry OS 4.5 or higher and Android OS 2.1 or higher.
  • App available on App Store, Google Play and Blackberry App World.


  • 2011 PopMech Editors Choice Award
  • 2011 CTIA Hot for the Holiday’s Awards Finalist
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Cobra Mini Universal Phone Mount

Securely holds all mobile devices + adjusts easily

By Cobra Electronics | in Gear + Gadgets


The Cobra Universal Mini Mount is an adjustable universal mobile device mount with a renewable attach area that can be securely attached on glass or on a textured rough surface. It will fit any smartphone while keeping all ports and controls open and within reach.


This mount is, in a word, simple. We like that, especially for using with the iRadar. Cable management is clean and easy. The iRadar can also power your phone from its USB power output.


  • Small and compact design makes it easy to use in multiple vehicles
  • Ever-Last Breakaway Adhesive Surface Area is non-permanent and requires no glue or tools
  • Renewable attach area that can be securely attached on glass or on a textured rough surface
  • Securely holds all cell phones and compact mobile devices while keeping all ports and controls open and within reach
  • Leaves no traces or residue
  • Ball-and-socket design makes it easy to find the right viewing angle
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