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Romo is a personal robot that uses your smartphone as its brain. Romo has a lovable personality and uses cutting-edge robotics technology, enabling advanced features such as object follow, face detection, and path tracking. As you play with Romo he will teach you to program him as you play. Along the way, unlock upgrades that make your Romo more expressive and alive.Leaving you with a fun new experience every time you turn Romo on. You can also program Romo to follow the actions you tell it, or if you want to get crazy, control Romo's hardware and personality by coding your own iOS apps if you so desire. You can even jump on a two way video call and control where Romo looks and moves from anywhere in the world. The robotic options are practically endless, while it's an awesome toy, it can also be so much more.


We all grew up reading and watching robots interact with people in science fiction, now you can interact with your own functioning robot to play games, program routes and simply have fun. Romo was built to introduce the first truly personal robot to the consumer market. Users now have the access to cutting-edge technology that was once available only in robotics research labs. The future can now be in your hands and running across your floors. TOP FEATURES
  • Romo has his own personality and will respond to people and events around him
  • You can train Romo to detect your face, chase objects, follow paths, and even explore on his own
  • Fun and challenging missions help teach you how to program Romo
  • Call and control Romo from any computer or iOS device, anywhere in the world
  • By adding remote control and mobility to video conferencing, Romo gives friends and family a whole new way to connect
  • Romo teaches problem solving and STEM skills in a fun and easy way
  • Learn the basics of programming as you play with Romo
  • Romotive provides a free Software Development Kit (SDK) for advanced users


"Definitely impressed with the robot's build quality -- it's clearly designed to survive amongst (young and old) children everywhere." engadget "Winner of Best High-Tech Toy at Toyfair 2013. Romo won our hearts with its combination of personality and robotics innovation." - "Romo humanizes technology by giving robots a personality ... At its heart, Romo is a platform for modders and makers." - Fast Company "You've already got a crazy-powerful computer in your pocket. Now put it to use in a 'bot." Popular Science "A new breed of robots is invading the home, built for fun and controlled by the smartphone." Wilson Rothman - The Wall Street Journal


iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, or 5th Gen iPod touch


  • Romo Base
  • Charging Cord
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Guide


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