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We all hate those bumpy and fidgety shots where you just want a smooth pan to sum up your surroundings. With the iStabilizer Dolly, you can now create captivating cinematic videos and panning shots using your smartphone. Panning and tracking shots used to be reserved for professionals with big budgets for expensive equipment. But now, with most camera devices capable of shooting HD video, the iStabilizer Dolly allows you to take smooth tracking shots on any flat surface, giving your video a look and feel that’s fit for the big screen.


Smooth and steady is the way to go, those shaky videos just don't look good or near the quality you want to put out for all to see. That is where this dolly comes in, it offers the perfect mount and stabilization to keep your smartphone video smooth and looking just right while you track and pan around your target. The iStabilizer Dolly is an incredibly unique accessory for your smartphone. It’s affordable and offers any smartphone photographer the opportunity to take great, studio quality shots that don't require professional grade, expensive equipment.


  • The iStabilizer Dolly’s arm adjusts to shoot at nearly any angle giving you incredible versatility
  • The smooth rolling wheels create even tracking while filming
  • Works with almost any smartphone or case up to 2.75” wide


Works universally with most smartphones and smartphone cases up to 2.75" wide.


"For taking panning or track shots with your iPhone or iPod touch, the iStabilizer Dolly is the perfect product. Results don't lie -- using this accessory can take a boring video shot of a subject and give it life and movement." - Steven Sande, TUAW "Smooth and stable tracking shots, pans, pushes, and pulls are all aided by the Dolly. With the right camera you can even set up moving time lapse shots that would be nearly impossible without the Dolly." - Eugene Kim, PC Mag "I am very pleased with the product itself. Very sturdy, easy to use." - Dan K.


  • iStabilizer Dolly,
  • iStabilizer Smartphone Mount


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