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Prevent Data Loss & Hard Drive Failure w/These Powerful Disk Utility Programs

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The Most Advanced Mac Repair Utility. Ever.

By Micromat | in Software


Techtool Pro 7 is the most advanced version of this acclaimed Macintosh troubleshooting utility since it was created almost 25 years ago – and remains an industry leader in testing and repairing disks.

It is by far and away the best tool for pre-warning potential drive failure, and is trusted by everyday consumers as well as professionals to help troubleshoot and repair their Macs. It’s easy-to-use, but also delivers comprehensive testing for the Mac professional.

Powerful enough for professionals. Easy enough for everyone.


Your Mac’s hard drive, even if it is a Solid State Drive, is more likely to experience problems than any other component on your Mac.

So it’s important to be able to test drives for problems and then repair them. The sooner hard drive damage is detected, the fewer files – like cherished memories and important personal documents – will be lost.

To avoid data loss and hard drive failure, Techtool Pro 7 is the only utility you need.


Techtool Pro has the most complete set of tests and tools of any Mac utility. Here are a few of the more than 15 tests and tools:

  • Data Recovery – Techtool Pro helps you recover your data from corrupted drives or volumes
  • Trash History – Tracks the location of deleted files and increases the chance of their recovery in the case of an accidental deletion
  • Emergency Startup Disk – If your startup disk stops working, Techtool Pro’s eDrive is perfect for testing, rebuilding or defragmenting your main hard drive
  • Volume Rebuild – Techtool Pro will test, rebuild, and repair damaged directories on corrupted hard drives
  • Cloning Tool – Add an extra backup, update your existing clone or save a disk image copy of any of your Mac-formatted drives
  • Memory TestRAM problems are quite prevalent and can cause a variety of crashes, program errors and even data loss, so they’ve developed one of the most advanced memory tests in the industry that includes an SPD report with tons of information about your computer’s memory


“TechTool Pro 7.0.1’s tools are powerful and have grown well over the versions. It’s nice to see more component-specific tests (such as scans for dead display pixels and failing RAM chips) alongside standard hard drive repair and optimization utilities…” (4/5) – Macworld

“Ive been using your product for years now and find it perfect. In fact it just saved me a from an expensive hard drive failure." – John M.

“…I WANT EASY. So I bought Techtool Pro 7 for my Mac. I LOVE IT. Your eDrive is exactly what the competition is lacking. Your one program works better than both those mentioned above…” – David P.

“Thank you very much for TechTool really excellent software – one of the few software products I’ve come across which really impress…” – Mick D.


  • Intel-based Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or greater (including Mavericks)
  • 512 Megabytes RAM or higher
  • Supported languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified)


  • How many computers can you activate software with? – Install on up to 3 machines
  • Does it include updates? – n/a
  • All sales final
  • Instant digital download
  • All prices are in US Dollars (USD)

3c1758b9450aab3d075dd4eaad5e782357531398 icon Checkmate

Spots The Small Problems On Your Mac, Before They Become Big Problems

By Micromat | in Software


Checkmate is computer health monitoring software that makes checking your Mac for problems easier than ever.

It’s powerful, but also intelligent enough to know when to run. It will observe your schedule and perform tests when your computer is idle. It then quietly logs results and stays completely out of your way – unless it finds a serious problem.

If an issue is found, the Checkmate dashboard will open, showing you a full report of the issue, as well as suggested steps to correct the problem.


Checkmate couldn’t be simpler to use: simply install and forget about it. No buttons to push, no schedules to set, and no interruptions to your work. Just notifications if and when you need to correct an issue.


Checkmate tests your Mac in four categories:


  • Memory – when memory fails, your Mac can act unpredictably
  • Battery – find out before your battery stops working

  • Volume Structures – keeping your volume structures healthy is the key to preventing data loss
  • RAID Status – learning when your RAID is having trouble is critical to keeping data stored there safe
  • Surface Scan – when bad blocks begin to appear, it’s a good time to replace your hard drive. Find out before critical data is compromised
  • SMART – if your drive is failing, SMART check can notify you

  • File Structures – Checkmate checks that the file structures will continue to work as expected

  • I/O Check – your Mac keeps track any time it isn’t able to read or write data, find these problems sooner than later
  • Power On Self-Test – Checkmate displays the result of this test, which can often serve as early detection for memory (RAM) problems in particular


“All tests are conducted when the user is away from the computer, and longer tests can pick up where they left off, allowing for extended tests to be performed over time.” –


  • Intel-based Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • Supported languages: English, German, Japanese


  • How many computers can you activate software with? – 1 machine
  • Does it include updates? – n/a
  • All sales final
  • Instant digital download
  • All prices are in US Dollars (USD)


  • All sales final
  • Instant digital download
  • All prices are in US Dollars (USD)

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